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Образовательный канал для всех, кто изучает английский. Полезные ресурсы и секреты изучения языка. Акцент на бизнес- и IT-английский: @t_english_bot

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T-English digest

😎You’re a person of planning. Your interviews start in a week. And you’ve rolled up your sleeves preparing.

If you’re struggling to prepare for all behavioral questions, this Magic 7 List is just what the doctor ordered:

📌Challenges: 3-5 examples of your greatest challenges and how you overcame them.

📌Mistakes/failures: your greatest professional mistakes and failures.

📌Conclusions: what lessons you have learned from those mistakes and failures.

📌Accomplishments: your greatest achievements, what you are the proudest of.

📌Conflicts: what conflicts you had with your team members, management, your customer.

📌Drive: your motivation. What you have enjoyed the most at work.

📌Leadership: situations when you took an initiative, took a lead.

👍Set aside some thinking time, look through whole your career, and answer these 7 questions.

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T-English digest

Продолжаем причинять пользу. Сегодня - фрилансерам, которым предстоят переговоры с потенциальным клиентом.

📌Try to understand a problem of your customer and show that you care

✔️I just need to know what the pain points of your audience are...

✔️What metrics matter to you?

✔️If we start creating designs for you, when you look at it what are you going to say “yeah, it’s working really well” to?

📌Check if you are on the same page

✔️Sounds to me like you are saying that ...

✔️I assume... . Is it a safe assumption (пер. правильное предположение?)

📌Show that you are interested without looking needy and desperate

✔️I’d only want to work with you if you feel like we are getting results

✔️I want to make sure this is a home run (пер. удача, успех) for you

✔️Do you feel comfortable to move forward?

🦹🏼‍♀️Если нужна помощь с подготовкой, обращайтесь

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T-English digest

🤷🏻Когда наши студенты презентуют свои дизайн-решения заказчику, возникает вопрос «С чего начать?»

You should start with setting the context (tell your customer what in this design for them, going beyond artwork and into the realm of market application and connecting with the user)

✔️ As a user, when I land on this page, I have three possible goals

✔️Our design helps...

Or tell a story

✔️... we’ve noticed Alex often forgets to take his pills. We’ve also noticed Alex has his phone with him all the time. So we are using his phone as a reminder tool...

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T-English digest

💱Can you guess what “paint by numbers” means?

✔️A lot of people in the company thought hiring a UI/UX designer was a complete waste of time and money. “Paint by numbers” is all anyone thought designers could do

It means “showing no original thought or creativity” (пер. стереотипный, шаблонный)

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T-English digest

🗣На прошлой неделе прошёл speaking club по теме Digitalization. Делимся полезной лексикой после занятия:

📌have/gain the upper hand - to have more power than someone else, so that you are able to control a situation

📌common sense - the natural ability to be practical and to make good decisions (пер.здравый смысл)

📌digital disruption - a broad way to describe various changes that affect technology markets and other related markets

На этой неделе присоединиться к нашему speaking club можно во вторник в 19 30 (A2+-B1) и в пятницу в 19 30 (B1+-B2) ⬇️

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T-English digest

👥Присоединяйся к нашему Speaking club!

Наш преподаватель Dwayne о себе: "Originally from sunny South Africa, I have traveled the world and taught many individuals from different countries. I worked as a Wine Merchant and Sommelier just outside Cape Town. Then, I built my own company in the Tech and Home automation/digitalization industry.
I also worked in Miami as an Art Gallery Director,
where I was able to teach and train multiple up-and-coming individuals. I helped develop and mentor their business skill and public speaking skills. Helping others find their way on the path to success is what drives me, and I look forward to sharing more with you".

📌5/10 at 11am 
Level: B1-B1+ 

📌7/10 at 11 am 
Level: A2-A2+

📌8/10, at 7 30pm 
Level: B2-B2+

Регистрация: перейдите по ссылке⬇️
Группы не более 6 участников. Приглашение с ссылкой на Zoom-встречу вы получите за день до занятия в случае оплаты (ссылка на оплату придет на почту после регистрации)

Стоимость: $5 (для студентов T-English бесплатно)

Остались вопросы? Пишите:
🖌Skype: t.english4it

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T-English digest

📌Back-channeling is a term that describes a broad range of behaviors that all share in
common not being direct or upfront with people.

📌Back-channeling includes sharing our reactions or opinions with people before or after a meeting, rather than sharing them in the meeting

📌Other terms for back-channeling include the meeting after the meeting or “the dirty yes” (where I say “yes” to your face and then “no” behind your back

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T-English digest

👥Сложно переоценить важность фидбека. Мы даем и получаем фидбек от студентов и преподавателей, и знаем, каким сложным может быть коммуникация в команде или компании без культуры фидбека. Мы руководствуемся feedback-giving rules by Brené Brown:

📍I know you I am ready to give feedback when:

📌I'm ready to sit next to you rather than across from you;

📌I'm ready to put the problem in front of us rather than between us;

📌I'm ready to listen, ask questions, and accept that I may not fully understand the issue;

📌I want to acknowledge what you do well instead of picking apart your mistakes;

📌I'm willing to own my part;

📌I can talk about how resolving these challenges will lead to your growth and opportunity


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T-English digest

Mind the prepositions!

📌Navigate to ... page

📌Hover the mouse cursor over ...

📌Click (on) ... button

📌Right/left-click the ... button

📌Type ... in the ... dialogue box/field

📌Fill in the field ...

📌Scroll down to ...

📌On the keyboard ...

📌At the top/bottom of the page ...

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T-English digest

📌You can prepare for your next situational interview by coming up with a few examples of:

✔️conclusions (what you’ve done differently)

using STAR technique

📌You can also check a job description and come up with a story for when you’ve previously performed each skill listed in your job ad

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T-English digest

И ещё пару моментов по следам вебинара Managing project communication:

3️⃣ Communication plan is a powerful tool that can help you organize communication on the project. It should answer the following questions:

📌Who will you communicate with?
📌What will be communicated? (e.g. status report)
📌How often will you communicate? (e.g. monthly)
📌How will you communicate? (e.g. at the leadership meetings, by email, etc.)

4️⃣ If you lead a meeting, keep the following rules in mind:

📌keep the number of topics to be discussed in one meeting at a minimum, be aware of information overload
📌use visuals and charts
📌use simple terminology - avoid jargon, slang and terms that may not be universally understood
📌speak clearly and ask specific questions rather than “yes”, “no”, “do you understand?”
📌be aware of non-verbal cues from stakeholders that may indicate a lack of understanding

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T-English digest

🔥🔥🔥Решили повторить воркшоп по прохождению интервью на английском.

Зачем вам это:

📌получить формулу ответов на ситуационные вопросы
📌понять, как можно подготовиться к интервью и идти на него спокойным и уверенным
📌узнать, какую грамматику и лексику стоит повторить, чтобы не задумываться над конструкциями, а отвечать на вопросы

Спикерка: Преподаватель курса Английский для интервью и других курсов T-English – Марьянна. 6 лет опыта работы в ИТ-рекрутменте + 8 лет опыта работы преподавателем английского для ИТ = умение подготовить студента к интервью любой сложности.

Когда: завтра, 2 июля, в 20 00

Участие (активное) бесплатное, по предварительной регистрации

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T-English digest

И ещё немного об опыте


✔️Both candidates for the director of engineering position were short of relevant experience.

📌first-hand (= gained by doing something yourself)

✔️Our PM has first-hand experience of Python programming.

📌hands-on (=practical)

✔️Don’t underestimate the importance of hands-on experience.

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T-English digest

🤓Подобрали идиому из #TEnglish_idioms, которая отлично подойдёт для понедельника

Все мы знаем, что такое procrastinate✔️Но есть ещё и идиома!!!

to faff around (страдать фигней, откладывая более важные задачи на потом)

Пример: I should have started this task last week, but I've been faffing around with my new video game console.

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T-English digest

🤓Продолжаем делиться с вами полезными каналами

/channel/henglish - канал британского юмора. Идеально подойдёт тем, у кого нет времени на домашнее чтение. Благодаря юмору, фразы запоминаются легко, а времени на это уходит гораздо меньше, чем на чтение английской книги.

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T-English digest

Useful phrases to express your point of view on design ideas:

📌I think I’m missing (пер. мне не хватает) the intensity of this color

👎I’m still not a fan of this chalkboard like design (пер.меловой дизайн, меловой леттеринг)

❤️I love that mixture of different typography

👎It’s feeling a little off (пер. смотрится странно, как-то не так)

📌I feel like if you have a pop of color (пер. разбавить цвет) on the far left, it will help balance that off

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T-English digest

💾 Here’s a list of the most common Project Manager responsibilities (you can use it for your CV summary, LinkedIn, interview pitch)

📌Direct all PM phases

📌Set and manage project expectations with external and internal stakeholders

📌Coordinate and track various projects through an entire project lifecycle

📌Develop a detailed project management plan to track project progress

📌Define the overall scope of the project

📌Create and continuously update the project documentation

📌Create accurate forecasts for revenue and resource requirements

📌Align various teams to maintain the quality of deliverables

📌Continuously follow up on the progress, risks, and opportunities of the project

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T-English digest

Одна из задач UX-дизайнера- «checking biases”

Bias- 1️⃣a feeling or opinion that is preconceived or unreasoned (пер.предвзятость)
2️⃣ a systematic distortion of a statistic as a result of sampling procedure

Which biases to check:

✔️Confirmation bias. This can happen when we expect a certain outcome/reaction to the design. We may filter our observations to confirm our hypothesis

✔️Response bias. Our tendency to provide inaccurate , or even false, answers to self-report questions, such as those asked on surveys or interviews

А здесь есть UI/UX дизайнеры? А то может вот это ⏫зря

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T-English digest

Для ноября подготовили серию постов о UI/UX, но будет полезно не только дизайнерам

#TEnglish_word_of_the_day “sticky” 😳

🍯Sticky products are those that attract user interest by delivering consistent value and are so engaging that users use them regularly.

Stickiness of the product is one of retention/engagement metric for your app.

Вы можете записаться на пробный урок по UI/UX English ⬇️

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T-English digest

💁Soft skills, hard skills... а теперь мы еще говорим о hybrid skills!

Тренд hybrid skills диктуется следующими направлениями:

📌Big Data and Analytics
📌Intersection of Design and Development
📌Sales and Customer Service
📌Digital Technologies

Гибридные навыки – это комбинация навыков, которые никогда раньше не нужны были для единой роли (например, использование Big Data алгоритмов в маркетинге). Примеры гибридных ролей в компании: технические рекрутеры или аналитики по Digital Security

📌И это хорошие новости для свитчеров! Проанализировав ваш опыт и навыки, вы скорее всего поймете, что ваш путь от стажера или студента IT-курсов пройдет быстрее, чем вы думаете.

На примерах

✔️Soft skills: creativity, persuasion, collaboration, adaptability, and time management.

✔️Hard skills: cloud computing, artificial intelligence, analytical reasoning, people management, UX design, translation, audio production, natural language processing, scientific computing

✔️Hybrid skills (if you work as non-tech specialist): social media, updating websites, designing presentations, working with databases, match skills,strategy.

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T-English digest

Вас не поняли? Попробуйте так:

📌The reason for the late start to the meeting was because of today’s tube strike.

📌One possible explanation/reason for the fall in profits could be the weakness of sterling against the US dollar.

📌Let me explain, if we were to implement the changes too soon, we’d have a huge problem on our hands.

📌What I mean is, I don’t think we’ll get the necessary funding this year.

📌This has been a much-needed wake-up call. In other words, it’s been a warning that was needed.

📌Let me put it/this another way, if we don’t accept their proposals now, they’ll go somewhere else/elsewhere.

📌The thing is, there’s no simple explanation to what went wrong.

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T-English digest

Порция linking and transition phrases в IT-контексте:

📌In a nutshell means in short

In a nutshell, the user research phase is when you scope out the project

Namely means for example

We are interested in your ability to build and maintain test documentation (namely checklists, test cases, bug report, etc)

📌By and large means in general

By and large, we are happy with these new Azure solutions

At the end of the day means ultimately, eventually

What matters at the end of the day is a valuable final product delivered on time

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T-English digest

Некоторые наши студенты ищут пути, как выйти из IT. Но все еще много специалистов, которые хотят войти в ИТ.

Услышали такой вопрос:

«I have some PM experience in logistics. What should I put an emphasis on at the interview for a position of PM in an IT company?”

📌Our answer- transferable skills!

You should think of situations and experience when you managed to show:


📌organizational/planning skills

📌team working skills


📌ability to navigate and manage multiple projects with conflicting deadlines and goals

Кстати, приготовили краткосрочный курс английского для свитчеров в мини-группе. Скоро анонсируем 📣📣📣

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T-English digest

​​A developer proposes, a tester disposes. Happy Tester's Day!

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T-English digest

🧑‍💻На прошлой неделе мы ещё и воркшоп провели. Наша преподавательница, которая работает в международном ИТ-рекрутинге, рассказала, как подготовиться к ситуационным вопросам на интервью. 📌📌📌Bullet points воркшопа:

📌Situational questions are designed to highlight your true strengths, weaknesses and characteristics without directly asking you what they are. Such questions can start with, for example:

Tell me how you approached a situation where...

📌You can use STAR technique to answer such a question:

📌If you are asked a situational interview question that you don’t know how to answer because you’ve never been in such a situation, you can say:

I’ve never found myself in such a situation. If I had such a situation, I would... (and continue with using second conditional)

Это не все. Завтра продолжим, а пока вы можете посмотреть запись воркшопа по ссылке

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T-English digest

🕺Провели вебинар на тему «Managing project communication”. Мы как старательные ученики сделали конспект. Делимся⬇️

1️⃣Main rules of communication with the team:

👂listen intently
🧠think clearly
🗣discuss openly
🙏develop empathy
👥respond quickly to needs

2️⃣You should try to avoid over-communicating to stakeholders. Consider the following questions:

📌Who needs to know what information?
📌How often must the information be communicated/shared?
📌By what means will information be communicated/shared?

Продолжение в следующем посте⬇️

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T-English digest

🕺WEBINAR: Managing Project Communication⁣⁣
JUNE 30 19:00⁣⁣
📌Проектная коммуникация часто оказывается не такой уж легкой. Есть много людей, с которыми мы должны общаться с самого начала до внедрения и оценки - и все они хотят, чтобы с ними общались по-разному!

📌На вебинаре мы обсудим:

✔️важность коммуникации для успеха проекта
✔️влияние культурных различий
✔️best practices для планирования коммуникации.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
Спикерка: Марина Губко, ICA-ATF, SFC, Project Specialist в Apriorit, преподавательница и спикерка в T-English, 3+ лет опыта в ИТ. Опыт в Quality Assurance, Business Development, Customer Success Management.⁣

Участие бесплатное, но по предварительной регистрации: shorturl.at/adns4

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T-English digest

Делимся с вами подборкой каналов для изучающих английский

@ttopEnglish -увлекательные статьи, новые слова, интересные факты, правила, лайфхаки для изучения английского🇬🇧

@eng_pics - английский в картинках. Забавные фото, комиксы, цитаты. Учить английский легко и весело!

@english4mybaby - английский для детей и их родителей. Вы узнаете, как эффективно обучать ребенка языкам с раннего детства.

@backpackls - канал учебного заведения. Много интересных фактов и советов на английском, информация о мероприятиях и фотоотчеты по ним.

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T-English digest

Ещё одна из #TEnglish_idioms. Bright as a button... Нет, это не о яркой кнопке!

Фраза используется, чтобы похвалить чей-то интеллект, подчеркнуть, что человек очень умный🤓

✔️My former tech lead was as bright as a button. He always found solutions in the most difficult situations

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T-English digest

Многие IT-специалисты мечтают попасть в крупные компании с именем: Google, Apple, Cisco. А что ждать от интервью в этих компаниях🤔 Парочку необычных вопросов из истории собеседований:

✔️Google: "If you could only choose one song to play every time you walked into a room for the rest of your life, what would it be?"
(For an associate-account-strategist position)

✔️Facebook: "How many Big Macs does McDonald's sell each year in the U.S.?"
(For a data-scientist position)

✔️Apple: "How many children are born every day?"
(For a global-supply-manager position)

✔️Hess: "What's your favorite color?" (For an assistant-manager position)

✔️Google: "If you could be remembered for one sentence, what would it be?" (For an associate-account-strategist position)

✔️Intel: "Design a spice rack for the blind." (For a hardware-engineer position)

✔️Celgene: "Tell me a story." (For a corporate-communications position)

✔️St. Jude Medical: "Why are manholes round?" (For an electrical-engineer co-op position)

✔️MasterCard: "What do you do if you are approached by an employee who is complaining about a colleague who has horrible body odor?" (For an operations-leader position)

✔️Cisco: "What kind of tree would you be?" (For a senior technical-writer position) 🌳

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